About Storied

Everyone has a story to tell, it is the essence of our life’s journey and therefore, who we are. Our stories intermingle with other peoples’ stories throughout our lives, some for a brief sentence and others for many chapters. One chapter in my life has led me to pursue my love of design and my desire to share this with others.

Storied was conceived in 2020, when I felt it was the right time to open my concept boutique. Situated in the most beautiful city in New Zealand, Whanganui, and located in a magnificent Heritage building known as The Treasury, Storied brings together my selection of beautiful things…all with their own story.

Storied gathers together objects of beauty that are lovingly crafted and socially responsible. As a concept boutique, Storied is an evolving range of items that celebrate simplicity, authenticity and enduring design from my story to yours; a curated collection of New Zealand designer clothing.